The suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput is shocking to many. This is a big shock for the fans, the people around, the many congregations in the industry.

But now this raises a new question, why did such a great artist commit suicide? It has come to light that Sushant was depressed, but who is to blame? According to some media reports, many films were taken away from Sushant in the last few months.

Why? Just because Sushant had no godfather in the industry? Sushant has shown his acting prowess in many films, but he was dropped alone. There is only one reason for this, and that is !

Now many artists in the industry have shared their experiences on this issue.

has shared a video about this, in which she says. ‘Sushant’s death was not a suicide but a premeditated murder. Since Sushant is an outsider, no one has accommodated him in the industry, he has always been considered weak. Unfortunately, Sushant committed suicide with this in mind. The same thing happened to me. My films were considered flops and 6 cases were filed against me. ‘

Singer , who started her career with the film Mohabbatein, has said that she had a similar experience. She says, ‘I have completed 21 years in the industry. In these 21 years I have worked with many musicians but in the last three years I have not sung in , in these 3 years no one has called to do my simple questioning. If you are an outsider, you will never know when ‘these’ people will throw you out. ‘

Now Abhinav Kashyap, the director of Dabangg has also made a big revelation. Abhinav has alleged that Salman Khan and his family ended their careers. He has written a Facebook post about this. In it, he says, ‘The same thing happened to me at the time of Dabangg’s creation. Not only did Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and his family threaten me, they also tried to control my career. After this, my second film project was also taken away from me by Arbaaz using his power, which caused me loss. At the time of Dabangg’s release, my negative image brought me into disrepute. In addition, they threatened me in various ways. I went to the police but to no avail. ‘

Actress Raveena Tandon has shared the reality of Bollywood on Twitter, saying, ‘Mean Girl Gang and their camp have made a lot of fun of them. The protagonist, his girlfriend, the backward journalist and the fake media stories that ruined his career have taken many out of the film. Sometimes it ruins the entire career of some. We have to fight to survive, we have to fight … some get it, some don’t. ‘

Koyna Mitra says, ‘People who mourned Sushant’s death used to make fun of him as he was a TV star. There is discrimination in the industry. If you belong to the fashion industry, nobody talks, but if you belong to the TV industry, people say you are not right here. John Abraham, Sushmita Sen and Priyanka Chopra also had to face all this. A few years ago, many did the same with Priyanka, but she was smart and got out of it. ‘

Actor Gulshan Devaya quoted actress Mira Chopra as saying, “If anyone thinks that industry is a family, it is a misunderstanding. Industry is an imaginary world in the name of work. ‘

Actor Prakash Raj has written about this, ‘Nepotism … I have gone through it .. I have won .. but my wounds are deeper than my flesh .. but Sushant Singh Rajput could not escape from this … we can really learn something from this Why? Can we really stand up to these things? And can we do anything to prevent such dreams from dying? ‘

After Sushant’s death, Anubhav Sinha wrote in the post, ‘Bollywood’s Privilege Club should sit down and think tonight. Don’t ask me what exactly. ‘

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta tweeted, “There are a lot of young people in the film world from the outside, all of them should remember that people here will pay as long as you feel important, but they will leave you when you are weak.” Those who have celebrated your success before will celebrate your failure after a while. ‘

Meanwhile, it is suspected that Sushant may have committed suicide due to depression. However, despite such fame and money, Sushant was alone. This is followed by a divisive truth in the industry. For a number of reasons people are not talking to each other, outside artists are being cast alone, the same issue is currently being discussed.