Survival expert Khalilov told how to escape from a tornado in the resorts


A tornado that sweeps away everything in its path is not only an American horror movie, such phenomena are not uncommon in Russia, especially in the southern resort areas. Eduard Khalilov, a certified rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, told Life about how to protect yourself in a collision with the elements.

He noted that often people like to shoot some natural phenomenon on camera. However, a tornado is not just a terrible and bewitching sight, but also a very dangerous, as well as an extremely unpredictable whirlwind. Objects (sticks, stones, umbrellas, etc.) caught in air currents from the ground can have sharp edges and fatally injure a person. Tornadoes are also dangerous, which draw many tons of water into themselves, and then bring it all down on the shore.

“The task of a person is to find a reliable, fundamental shelter as soon as possible in order to protect themselves and their children in it. Vacationers should try to leave the beach as soon as possible at the sight of a tornado and look for a place where they can defend themselves. This could be a store, some kind of building , a house, in a pinch, a car will come up so that nothing falls on you from above. At least if something falls, the body of the car will be damaged, not your head or neck, “ summed up the interlocutor.


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