Surgut police made a statement after the trial of an ex-employee convicted of revealing state secrets

Election of a preventive measure for Alexey Alekseenko in the Central District Court.  Chelyabinsk, convoy, cage, arrest, prison, defendant, police, court, preventive measure, Alexey Alekseenko

The Surgut police reported that the former head of the city drug control, Alexander Obukhov, convicted of revealing state secrets, was not a law enforcement officer at the time of the crime and was retired. URA.RU was informed about this by the city Department of Internal Affairs.

“At the time of the crime, Obukhov was no longer an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He left the police force more than five years ago. The crime committed is his personal responsibility. While working in the internal affairs bodies, he established himself as a competent and positive employee. He retired from the police with the rank of lieutenant colonel,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Obukhov headed the city drug control department for several years, but in 2017 he retired from service due to length of service. The crime was committed five years after service. Meanwhile, a source close to the convict said that Obukhov had no intention of disclosing secret data. “In a conversation, he told a friend the details of a criminal case that had already been completed and the suspect convicted. And this then became the basis for initiating a criminal case,” the interlocutor added.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug the head of a police department was convicted of disclosing state secrets. Alexander Obukhov received a year’s probation.


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