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Surgut City Hall is looking for a contractor to maintain cemeteries

Verkhneborovskoye cemetery.  Tyumen, graves, cemetery, monuments

The Surgut administration has placed a tender for the provision of cleaning and maintenance services for local cemeteries. The information is published on the public procurement website.

“The object of the procurement is the provision of services for the maintenance of the territory of the cemeteries of the municipality of the city district of Surgut. In the process of providing services, the contractor performs a daily visual inspection of the territory of the facilities, ”the procurement says.

The initial price of the contract is more than 6.9 million rubles. The money is allocated from the city budget. Applications are accepted until December 9th. The period for the provision of services: from January 1 to June 30, 2023.

The contractor’s responsibilities include garbage collection, snow and ice removal, maintenance of public toilets, maintenance of abandoned burial sites and burial sites of WWII veterans. In the warm season, it is required to mow the grass, take care of the trees, and take care of the benches and bins.

Places of provision of services: cemeteries “Chernorechenskoye”, “Chernorechenskoye-2”, expansion of the city cemetery III stage, burial quarters No. 15, No. 16, sector III of the columbarium and parking for 120 places.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that four employees working at the Surgut cemetery were charged with fraud. The security forces established one case of the sale of a free burial place.


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