Surgeon Goncharova told which parts of the body men correct most often

Today, many women are interested in appearance correction procedures, but aesthetic medicine is not alien to the representatives of the stronger sex. On average, 10% of men turn to a plastic surgeon in Russia, plastic surgeon Ilyana Goncharova told Life.

In the first place among all male aesthetic operations is rhinoplasty (change in the shape of the nose). This is sought more often for objective reasons, for example, as a result of injuries or a desire to improve nasal breathing.

Also popular with men blepharoplastysince this is one of the simplest and most popular anti-aging operations, allowing you to throw off 5-10 years, the surgeon noted.

“Well, the third place is hair transplantation. This operation is considered more “male”. This is explained by the fact that men, due to increased testosterone in the blood, are prone to early alopecia. And since in our society, thick male hair is a sign of health and the standard of beauty, many men turn to plastic surgery clinics for this operation, “- the surgeon said.


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