Supplies of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine from the EU are delayed due to a shortage of explosives

The supply of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine from the European Union is delayed due to a shortage of explosives. About it reported The Financial Times, citing sources.

“Due to limited stocks of gunpowder, plastic explosives and TNT, the industry cannot promptly satisfy EU requests for Ukraine, regardless of the amount of money invested in solving this problem,” stated in the publication.

The article points out that the Ukrainian conflict has exposed the insufficient stocks of weapons in Europe and the weakness of the production capacity of its enterprises. According to a German official, EU countries simply cannot conduct full-scale military production.

The Czech state-owned enterprise, one of the largest suppliers of explosives in Europe, Explosia, said that production for 155-mm artillery pieces is operating at full capacity and is not going to increase volumes until 2026. In addition, the increased demand for arms and ammunition in the EU countries may provoke an increase in their prices, and they have risen by one-fifth over the past year.

According to the CEO of Spanish 155mm artillery manufacturer Fábrica Municiones de Granada (FMG), prices for basic materials for production have doubled, and in some cases even tripled. Thus, an ordinary projectile today costs 850 euros, although before the start of the Russian military defense in Ukraine, it was 20% cheaper.

Another significant problem is that in Europe they cannot increase the production of explosives in the shortest possible time. The Czech Republic reported that it would take three years. In addition, the largest European defense enterprises are 100% loaded, which is why there is a need to look for new places for military production in India, Korea and other countries, the publication stressed.


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