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Sumy resident modified his car to run on wood due to problems with gasoline in Ukraine


Long queues for petrol at Ukrainian gas stations forced a Sumy resident to modify his car to run on wood.

A car with an unusual unit was noticed at the Central Market of the city. The enthusiast screwed the installation to the luggage compartment, thus expanding the capabilities of his vehicle.

Prt Scr t.me / uniannet
Prt Scr t.me / uniannet

Now the car uses wood instead of gasoline as fuel, and its owner so far no longer experiences difficulties with refueling. An eyewitness who filmed the car was delighted with such an idea and said that he would also like such a remake.

Problems with fuel are observed not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland. The cost of gasoline in the country has exceeded PLN 8 per liter, which has led to increased dissatisfaction on the part of local drivers.



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