Summer residents will be forced to pay for the destruction of cow parsnip

Lawyer Gusyatnikov: hogweed will be destroyed in abandoned dachas at the expense of the owners

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Petr Gusyatnikov, senior managing partner at PG Partners law firm, told who will pay for the destruction of hogweed in abandoned dachas. In the Moscow region, this will be done at the expense of the owners, the agency wrote. “Prime”.

Local authorities will ensure that the cow parsnip does not grow on common land and private plots. And if earlier people paid fines from two to five thousand rubles, now the owners of the land on which the hogweed grows will receive notifications of its destruction.

If the owner does not respond, the authorities will destroy the plant themselves, but then issue an invoice to the owner, which must be paid within two months.

“If he does not do this, the local authorities will go to court and collect the debt in court,” the lawyer explained.

Most likely, these cases will be decided immediately without lengthy proceedings. The cost of processing the site will depend on its area, the extent of destruction and other factors. On average, this is about 10 thousand rubles.

“Forced” processing will be introduced only in those areas to which there is access.


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