Summer residents revealed the secrets of fertile soil

March 21, 2023, 05:53 plants with long roots can improve soil composition

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When buying a plot, some summer residents get fertile land, while others come across lifeless soil, of little use for gardening. How to properly care for the soil in order to get a good harvest, told site

When working with clay or loam, the first recommended step is sanding, that is, adding sand to excavate. Coarse-grained river sand with a grain size of one to four millimeters should be used. Quarry sand is not suitable because it contains a lot of clay and makes the soil concrete instead of loosening it.

Secondly, the addition of organic additives to the soil will not only change the mechanical composition of the soil, but also saturate it with moisture and provide plants with additional nutrients. Manure, compost, peat and fermented sawdust can be used as organic compost additives.

The next step is to improve soil structure, retain moisture and prevent weed growth. Mulching can help with this. It also protects the soil from erosion – rainwater and melting snow getting inside. The soil cover can be made from various organic materials – straw, bark or wood shavings are suitable. The optimal height of the mulch layer for most garden crops is about five to seven centimeters.

It is also necessary to remember about green manure. These are plants with long, strong roots, capable of quickly producing green mass and fertilizing the soil. These include rapeseed, white mustard, clover, lupine, rye, oats, peas, radishes and peas. Don’t forget about earthworms. They are the natural processors of the earth.

Earlier, the deputy chairman of the government of the region, Georgy Filimonov, said that 90,000 tons of fertilizers had been purchased for field work. He noted that over 130,000 tons of fertilizers were bought in the Moscow region last year.


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