The events in Afghanistan have shown that European countries are not able to independently engage in defense and rely entirely on the United States for this, writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to journalist Daniel Bressler, this was clearly demonstrated during the evacuation of people from the Kabul airport.

“None of the NATO members would have taken a step without the instructions of the States. It became clear that the wishes of Germany, France and Great Britain are of secondary importance in the framework of the withdrawal of troops,” he wrote.

The author emphasizes that even during the election campaign in 2017, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel urged European leaders to take on greater responsibility in ensuring the security of their countries.

“However, despite the increase in military budgets in Germany and other countries, nothing has changed in the balance of power within NATO,” Bressler said.

In his opinion, US President Joe Biden is showing less and less interest in the Old World. If the US stops dealing with Europe, it will put it at serious risk, he added.

Against the background of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban * militants took control of almost the entire territory of the country, occupied Kabul and announced the end of the twenty-year war. They also control all land border crossings.

You can leave Afghanistan only through the capital’s airport, which is held by the military of the United States and other NATO countries. The evacuation of foreigners and Afghans working for foreign missions continues there. Two days ago, a terrorist attack took place near the airport, killing about 200 people, including at least 13 American soldiers.


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