Sudan: Army and rival militia extend ceasefire by five days

The ceasefire in Sudan has been extended by five days. However, the previous ceasefire was already very fragile. In some places the fighting is said to have continued.

In Sudan, the warring parties have once again agreed to extend the ceasefire. The five-day extension of the ceasefire between the Sudanese military and its rivals, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, was announced in a joint statement by Saudi Arabia and the US late Monday. “The extension provides time for further humanitarian assistance, the restoration of essential services and discussion of a possible longer-term extension,” the statement said.

Sudan: Negotiations between the conflicting parties are on the brink – the number of victims is rising

Sudan: Negotiations between the conflicting parties are on the brink – the number of victims is rising

In the Sudanese capital Khartoum, fierce fighting broke out again on Monday before the end of the ceasefire, which had initially been agreed for a week. Local residents reported ongoing clashes between the military and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Heavy fighting continued Sunday through Monday to the south and west of Omdurman, one of the three cities in the Khartoum metropolitan area. On the other side of the Nile, residents in the south of the capital also reported serious clashes late Sunday evening.

Sudan descended into chaos after fighting broke out in mid-April between the regular military led by General Abdel-Fattah Burhan and the RSF, commanded by General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo. According to the Sudan Doctors’ Syndicate, which records civilian casualties, at least 866 civilians have been killed and thousands more injured in the fighting so far. However, the actual number of victims is likely to be much higher.

The conflict has turned the capital Khartoum and other urban areas into battlefields, forcing nearly 1.4 million people to flee their homes to safer areas inside Sudan or to neighboring countries.

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