Strike on Lugansk: exclusive FAN video from the city after the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

At the disposal of the international editorial office of the FAN were exclusive footage from Lugansk, which became the target of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Thursday morning.

First messages reports of explosions in the city and rising black smoke appeared around 10:00. FAN sources inform about the strikes of at least three enemy cruise missiles.

The shells went at extremely low altitude, so that they could bypass the radar systems. For this reason, air defense systems were unable to timely detect the approach of dangerous objects.

How reported LNR Colonel Vitaly Kiselyov told reporters that the attack was allegedly carried out using Western-supplied Storm Shadow missiles.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko, in turn notedthat the blow fell on the Luhansk industrial zone. After the shelling in some parts of the city there are interruptions in the work of mobile communications.


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