Stremousov said that the Kherson region is not under the jurisdiction of Ukraine


    The Kherson region is not actually under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, therefore, the personnel decisions of Kyiv do not apply to the region, declared Deputy Head of Administration Kirill Stremousov in an interview with RIA Novosti. Thus, he reacted to the decision of the Government of Ukraine to approve the candidacy of Yaroslav Yanushevich for the post of head of the Kherson Regional State Administration.

    “All the decisions of the Nazi elite, who settled in Kyiv, are not just not a decree for us, these decisions are inherently criminal. The Kherson region is in fact no longer under the jurisdiction of the Nazi elite that seized power in Ukraine,” Stremousov said.

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    The authorities of the region do not take seriously the statements of Kyiv, because he “crossed the line of ethics and morality”, shelling the Kherson region and rejoicing in the destruction and death of civilians. According to Stremousov, Yanushevich will never come to the region, because he is a “virtual governor and a dummy.”


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