Street cinema launched in Melitopol

Cinema with Russian films launched in Melitopol

Residents of Melitopol were shown the Russian film “Match” about the feat of Soviet athletes. The city has earned a free open-air cinema, reported “News”.

The film screening was organized right on the street. A screen was installed on the square, benches, chairs and bean bags were placed. Anyone can come to the screening, admission is free. They were shown the film “Match”. According to the plot, Soviet athletes, despite the threat of concentration camps and execution, won the match with Wehrmacht soldiers. It is based on real events.

Local residents admitted that in the past such pictures were not shown in the country. The Ukrainian authorities banned Russian cinema, projectionists faced fines and dismissal, and in the case of films about Soviet soldiers, criminal prosecution.

“Recently, in Ukraine, it was impossible to watch this in cinemas at all. Well, they just didn’t show it, ”said a resident of Melitopol.

Under the control of Russian troops is the Azov part of the Zaporozhye region is under control. The armed forces of Ukraine tried to attack Melitopol on August 8, but the air defense system intercepted the missiles.

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