Storage of things in the stairwell: rules, consent of neighbors, responsibility

Deputy GD Chaplin: when storing things in common corridors, the opinion of all residents must be taken into account

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When storing things in the common corridors of apartment buildings, on landings and other places, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of all residents, State Duma deputy Nikita Chaplin told 360. He added that one can complain about violations by neighbors to the HOA, the management company or the State Housing Inspectorate.

Neighborhood by law

The parliamentarian recalled that common corridors exist in many apartment buildings. Doors to this space must be opened from the inside without the help of keys and always outside. The Housing Code regulates the relationship of tenants.

“Reducing the size of the common property is possible only with the consent of all the owners of the premises, and not just the neighbors on the floor. Usually, the owners agree that they use the space equally,” the deputy noted.

According to him, residents are required to comply with fire safety rules – not to occupy corridors, vestibules and landings, and also do not store waste and toxic substances there. In the set of rules “Fire protection systems. Evacuation routes and exits” specifies the width of evacuation routes in residential buildings. It should be at least 1.2 meters.

Complaints and alterations

Nikita Chaplin said that tenants can take up space in the common space in proportion to the area of ​​the apartment. If the neighbor has more space, then in the corridor he will be able to store more things.

“If neighbors violate the rules, including storing paint, putty, cement, laminate in the common corridor, then they violate fire safety standards. At the same time, if they do not respond to your requests in any way, then you can write a complaint to the HOA, the management company or contact the State Housing Inspectorate, ”said the deputy.

According to him, public utilities may demand to dismantle a self-installed vestibule door if it impedes access to common house communications or complicates control over fire safety measures.

“In order to legalize such a fence, you will need to obtain the consent of 2/3 of all home owners and a document from the Ministry of Emergency Situations that you do not violate fire regulations,” the parliamentarian emphasized.

He urged residents of apartment buildings to follow the rules and always try to resolve issues peacefully.

Residents of the Moscow region were reminded of the need to coordinate any redevelopment in the premises. Specialists of Mosoblarchitectura told about the stages of the process.


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