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Steinmeier calls for compulsory social service – Ramelow jumps in


In an interview for the “Bild am Sonntag” at the weekend, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called for the introduction of a “compulsory social service”. The reactions to this proposal are divided.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier would like to oblige young people to do community service again. At the weekend he has in the picture on sunday stimulated a debate about “compulsory social service” on the grounds that compulsory service could strengthen the community:

“Especially now, at a time when understanding for other life plans and opinions is decreasing, a social obligation time can be particularly valuable. You get out of your own bubble, meet completely different people, help citizens in need. That breaks down prejudices and strengthens community spirit.”

The CDU argues similarly: society is becoming more and more pluralistic, at the same time many social and ethnic milieus no longer meet, said the deputy federal chairman of the CDU, Carsten Linnemann, to the newspapers of the Funk media group. This could be countered with a “compulsory company year”.

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Billion deficit of the health and nursing care funds: consumer advocates call for fair cost sharing

Although Steinmeier generally spoke of a mandatory period, i.e. not explicitly addressing young people, his initiative was interpreted by many as such. From the Nursing Council’s point of view, compulsory social time could help bring young people “in contact with nursing and health care and thus with a task for society as a whole,” said President Christine Vogler on Tuesday to the newspapers of the Funk media group. However, it must be prevented that young people are used in this way as cheap nursing substitutes, she added.

Youth organizations from various parties, including the Jusos, the Young Liberals and the Green Youth, rejected Steinmeier’s proposal on Monday. The Junge Union can gain something from a general obligation to serve. Her boss Tilman Kuban advocated using an online survey to clarify how willing young people are.

From the point of view of Verdi boss Frank Werneke, compulsory service inadmissibly interferes with the life planning of young people. In addition, all upcoming state tasks “must be done in principle within the framework of public services of general interest, which must be adequately financed,” he said Editorial network Germany. The head of the youth organization of the German Trade Union Confederation, Kristof Becker, criticized in the newspapers of the Funk media group:

“Anyone who wants to convince young people to work in certain areas should ensure good training and working conditions and not clamor for compulsory services.”

The Prime Minister of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow (Die Linke), jumped to the side of the Federal President. On Tuesday he called for a “more relaxed” look at the subject and compared compulsory service with compulsory schooling:

“Instead of just reflexively just picking on the Federal President and talking about new compulsion again and simply hiding compulsory schooling, I advocate looking at the topic with a little more composure,” said Ramelow of the German Press Agency.

Compulsory schooling is also a compulsion and the state intervenes in the lives of young people. He wonders why you can’t “define” another year.

In the past, Ramelow had repeatedly advocated compulsory time for young adults. On the other hand, the chairman of the left parliamentary group, Dietmar Bartsch, positioned himself.

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