Stefano’s husband wants to stay in the shadows

The star of Comedy Woman and “Real Boys” Marina Fedunkiv told what kind of relationship she has with her husband, Italian businessman Stefano Maggi. The actress admitted that for two years lived together, her husband was not used to the media and prefers to remain in her shadow.

“I’m used to the fact that attention is riveted to me, but I can’t get used to the fact that journalists are interested not only in me, but also in them. I respect his desire to remain in the shadows. That is why we do not always go out together, Stefano is sure that the star is in the family there should be one” told Fedunkiv in an interview with Starhit.

Marriage has nothing to do with the desire of the actress to test herself in a new role – in dramatic roles, a more fragile image, Fedunkiv added. She admitted that she was simply ripe for this.

“Stefano will be surprised when he reads this interview!” — the actress noticed.

Earlier, Life wrote that Comedy Woman star Marina Fedunkiv told what kind of people there is no place in her life. She admitted that people without a sense of humor do not linger in my life.


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