State Duma deputy Spiridonov proposes a fine in the amount of the minimum wage for self-walking dogs

State Duma deputy Alexander Spiridonov (United Russia) has prepared amendments to the law “On the responsible treatment of animals.” He proposes to equate self-walking dogs with throwing them out into the street, for which the owners of the animals will face a fine in the amount of the minimum wage (minimum wage). “News”.

The value of the minimum wage in the regions is different. By law, in 2023, the minimum wage is set at 16,242 rubles.

Among other suggestions, Mr. Spiridonova:

  • mandatory microchipping of pets (in particular, dogs and cats);
  • compulsory licensing for animal breeding, which will also oblige all breeders to pay taxes on their activities
  • compulsory training before buying some dogs (which ones are not specified).

The State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection confirmed to Izvestia the work on the amendments. They reported that it is also proposed to allow the euthanasia of animals in a painless way if they show aggression towards humans or other animals.

The final amendments should be discussed tomorrow, May 11, at a meeting of the expert council of the State Duma committee with the participation of public figures, representatives of the regions, and invited experts. On May 12, it is planned to approve the document at a meeting of the committee; its consideration in the first reading is scheduled for the week from May 16 to 18.

Amendments to federal legislation providing for the possibility of killing stray animals in some cases were introduced to the State Duma on April 12 by a group of deputies. They propose to give the authorities of the regions the opportunity to independently determine the procedure for handling stray animals “taking into account the geographical, climatic, socio-economic and other specifics of the region.” The initiative caused a heated discussion in Parliament.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Man dog priority.”

Laura Keffer


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