Sri Lanka allows Chinese research vessel to enter port


The authorities of Sri Lanka allowed the research vessel of the Chinese Navy to enter the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota, the visit of the ship could cause fears of India and was therefore postponed. About it informs Times of India newspaper.

According to the publication, the Chinese ship will enter the port on August 16 and stay there until August 22, having refueled and replenished supplies. Initially, the ship was supposed to arrive in the Sri Lankan port on August 11 or 12, but the visit was postponed due to consultation on this issue between Sri Lanka and China.

According to the Adaderana news portal, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi today denied reports that India had allegedly put pressure on Sri Lanka to prevent a planned Chinese ship from entering the port.

“Sri Lanka is a sovereign state that makes its own independent decisions”, he said.


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