Preparation for the summer for many Russians begins with active training, but if you skip one important step, you can seriously harm your health.

You can’t go to the gym without knowing anything about the state of your health. Sports doctor Ilya Melekhin warned about this.

“If a person plans to exercise regularly, and he has set himself a serious goal, then you need to start by going to the doctor. This examination is the simplest, it can be done in the clinic. There they will measure the pressure, do a fluorography of the lungs and offer to take standard tests, ”the specialist explained in an interview. Radio Sputnik.

If you skip this step, you can aggravate, for example, pressure problems. Meanwhile, hypertension, combined with increased stress, can lead to such serious consequences as a stroke or heart attack, he added.

Constant stressful situations can lead to weight gain. This was previously warned by American nutritionist Pippa Campbell.



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