Spiked Analysts Report on the Shattered American Dream

    White House/via Globallookpress.com
    White House/via Globallookpress.com

    The American dream has collapsed. The events that are currently unfolding in the United States can no longer be compared with a normal recession, the authors of Spiked magazine write.

    Washington is facing the most serious crisis that has affected millions of people in the country. GDP indicators have been declining for the second quarter in a row, there is a sharp rise in inflation. Americans have to limit themselves in almost everything – in new furniture, electrical appliances and even food products.

    “It’s a hurtful irony that as soon as Americans waited for the biggest wage increase in forty years, the money immediately began to disappear at the gas station and the grocery store,” the analysts write.

    It is worth noting that the economic and energy crises in European countries began after the collective West imposed several packages of sanctions against Russia. The restrictions followed after the Russian Armed Forces launched a special operation to liberate Donbass.

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