Spetsnaz in Siberia destroyed a conditional enemy for the first time "tiger carousel"

The moment of the exercises of the Novosibirsk special forces - 1920, 10/21/2021

NOVOSIBIRSK, 21 October – The special forces of the Central Military District during exercises at a training ground in the Novosibirsk region for the first time worked out the destruction of a simulated enemy using a “tiger carousel” – a new tactic of continuous shooting, the press service of the Central Military District reported on Thursday.
“Servicemen of the special forces unit of the Central Military District, during a special tactical exercise, which ended today at the Shilovo training ground in the Novosibirsk region, destroyed a simulated enemy using a new method of increased rate of fire – the tiger carousel,” the message says.
According to the plan of the exercises, an illegal armed formation on lightly armored vehicles tried to attack the system of strong points and positions of the unit, having a numerical superiority.
“When a convoy of illegal armed groups approached the aiming distance, the crews of the Tiger armored vehicles destroyed the manpower and armored vehicles of the conditional enemy, using the tactics” tiger carousel “, a feature of which is pairwise, alternate firing from large-caliber” Kord “machine guns and maneuver on machines, allowing continuous fire and compensate for the reload time, “- said the Central Military District.
More than 500 servicemen took part in the exercises, about 30 units of military and special equipment were involved.

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