Specific symptom of dangerous cholesterol levels named


At the doctor's appointment - 1920, 11/25/2021

MOSCOW, 25 Nov – The appearance of dark stripes under the nails can be a symptom of a multiply high level of cholesterol in the blood, the British newspaper writes. Daily express citing experts from the American Academy of Dermatological Association.
The material specifies that such stripes can appear both on the nails of the hands and feet. They occur when tiny blood vessels are damaged and burst, leaving small “blood spots” that can be seen through the nail. Such bleeding usually does not cause physical pain.
According to experts, the connection between such stripes under the nails and high cholesterol has been repeatedly proven in studies, observed in patients and has been described in the medical literature.
The article emphasizes that one should consult a doctor in time if such symptoms are detected, since high cholesterol levels are dangerous due to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Depending on the part of your body, a blockage in your blood vessels can trigger a stroke or heart attack.
Dark lines may also indicate endocarditis, an inflammatory heart disease, or may be a sign of vasculitis, that is, damage to the blood vessels, the experts added.


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