Specialist Derbeneva warned about the danger of talking about unwanted pregnancy for the child’s psyche

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Child psychologist Natalia Debreneva strongly discourages mothers from discussing with their child the idea of ​​abortion. The specialist spoke about this in an interview with “Newspaper.Ru“.

The psychologist is sure that such conversations are dangerous for the child’s psyche. The child should not know that he could be unwanted, because this deprives him of a sense of inner security. Awareness of this can provoke neurosis and depression, and in adolescents leads to antisocial behavior.

The specialist also said that talking with a child on such topics is the desire of an adult to shift responsibility. Children are not friends or psychotherapists, Debreneva said in conclusion. The family hierarchy must be observed, since only the parent can take responsibility for the child, but not vice versa.

Formerly psychologist Ivan Khvatov said that the aggression of children towards animals may appear due to bullying by peers.


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