SPD boss Klingbeil: Displeasure in Berlin has led to the CDU election result


The CDU has won a clear victory in the repeat election in Berlin. SPD leader Klingbeil attributes the CDU results to “displeasure” that “undoubtedly” exists in Berlin. Regardless of the electoral defeat, Prime Minister Giffey intends to continue the red-red-green coalition.

SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil considers the CDU election victory in Berlin to be a result of the high level of dissatisfaction in the capital. So he said on Monday in the ARD-Broadcast morning magazine:

“The resentment that undoubtedly exists in Berlin was bundled in the CDU’s election results.”

However, the CDU has little of its own concepts. “The question of what they are actually up to, where they want to go, has not been answered,” said Klingbeil. The CDU got 28.2 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections on Sunday – a good ten percentage points more than in 2021.

SPD only wins four constituencies in Berlin - inner city goes to the Greens, outlying districts to the CDU

SPD only wins four constituencies in Berlin – inner city goes to the Greens, outlying districts to the CDU

At 18.4 percent, the SPD did worse than it had since 1950. In 2021 she still got 21.4 percent of the votes. The Greens, who have governed with Die Linke and SPD since 2016, also achieved 18.4 percent (previously 18.9 percent), but were 105 votes behind the Social Democrats. The left accounted for 12.2 percent (minus 1.9 percent) of the vote. The AfD increased to 9.1 percent (from 8.0 percent). It was a bitter election evening for the FDP, which was kicked out of another state parliament with 4.6 percent (previously 7.1 percent).

According to the state returning officer, there are 159 seats in the Berlin House of Representatives. Of these, the CDU received 52, the SPD and the Greens each received 34 mandates. The left has 22 seats, the AfD 17. Around 2.4 million people were eligible to vote in the House of Representatives. Voter turnout was 63.1 percent. In 2021 it was 75.4 percent.

Irrespective of the electoral defeat, Prime Minister Franziska Giffey wants to talk to the Greens and the Left about a possible continuation of the coalition. Although the CDU had become the strongest force, the red-red-green coalition still has a majority. There was support for this from Klingbeil: Giffey had tackled a lot so far, he said. The SPD chairman emphasized:

“And she’s the right person to keep doing it.”

Now you have to see where there are overlaps in content and in which alliance the awakening for Berlin can really work. That is normal after an election.

Giffey himself said on Monday after the SPD deliberations in the Willy Brandt House in Berlin:

“We started the election campaign so that the Red City Hall stays red, that was our goal, and of course we will also have talks to explore the extent to which such a continuation is possible.”

Accept the result of Sunday’s election “also with humility, but we are the ones who, as Social Democrats and as those who have become the second strongest force, also claim to continue to shape this city,” Giffey continued. She emphasized:

“We want the SPD to play an important role in this state government.”

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