sol. North Korea and South Korea have tested ballistic missiles within a few hours of each other. With this test of ballistic missiles, the arms race in the peninsula has intensified. Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, has threatened South Korea after South Korea’s missile test. Jong’s sister said that relations between the two countries could end after the missile tests conducted by South Korea.

Kim Jong’s sister criticized South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s statement during the missile test. Moon had said that South Korea’s growing missile capabilities would certainly act as a deterrent against North Korea’s provocation. In a statement issued by state media, Kim Yo Jong warned that if she continued such rhetoric about North Korea, she would completely end bilateral relations with South Korea.

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Actually, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles on its east coast. This is the first case of missiles being tested in the last six months and also in violation of UN resolutions. Earlier, South Korea and China had also discussed the nuclear issue of North Korea. These missile tests are also being linked to this dialogue.

South Korea also tested its first submarine-launched ballistic missile just hours after North Korea’s test. However, South Korea’s test of this missile, known as SLBM, was scheduled to be done in advance and not a reaction to North Korea’s test.

With this test, South Korea has become the seventh country in the world capable of such technology. President Moon Jae-in was also present during the test. He said that South Korea now has enough resources to respond to North Korea’s provocation.

He said that South Korea is capable of responding to North Korea’s provocation at any time. He spoke of continuing his weapons programs.

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Kim’s sister said that North Korea is expanding its military capabilities for self-defense without targeting any specific country and South Korea is also expanding its military capability. “If the President indulges in blasphemy against us, then there will be retaliation and North-South relations will be on the verge of complete destruction,” he said.

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