Soldiers of the BARS volunteer detachment were awarded state awards

Russian Defense Ministry: fighters of the BARS volunteer detachment received state awards

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Servicemen of the BARS volunteer detachment received state awards. The video with the solemn presentation was published by the Russian defense department in its Telegram channel.

The message states that the fighters deserved the honorary encouragement thanks to their courage and heroism during the fighting in the special military operation zone. The military were awarded medals “For Courage”, insignia “St. George’s Cross” IV degree and a medal “For the salvation of the dead.”

The fighters of the detachment demonstrated the confident performance of combat missions, which helped them to achieve success in the offensive operations of the Russian army in one of the directions of the front.

Fighting the nationalists of the Kyiv regime, the military repeatedly stopped multiple strikes and rotations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the line of contact. Thanks to their well-coordinated work, strategic supply centers for the enemy troops were liquidated, command posts and places of accumulation of militants of Ukraine, along with their armored vehicles, were destroyed.

Earlier, the fighters of PMC “Wagner” were awarded the stars of Heroes of Russia for the liberation of Artemovsk. However, the founder of the military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, did not disclose the number of medals and the data of their owners.


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