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Solar Energy will Run Bus Without a Driver – New Solar Bus

Solar Energy will Run Bus Without a Driver – New Solar Bus: A group of Indian researchers has prepared for the first time a non-planless bus. In other countries, even after the introduction of non-driving buses, the main feature of the bus prepared by Indian researchers is that it will run through solar energy.

Solar bus in india According to NDTV, 300 students of Indian Lovely Professional University and 50 faculty members have prepared this car at their workshop.

Till now, the world-wide driver of unmanned vehicles is mainly used by petrol, diesel, CNG or electric charge. But with the help of Indian researchers, this bus will be run without solar energy through solar energy.

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Work 300 Students of Indian Lovely Professional University

If they charge this bus once, they can last up to 70 kilometers. The battery will be charged from the solar panels installed in the car. This solar panel can generate two kilowatt power.

Chief of the project, Mondeep Singh, said that the solar panels have always been able to charge the battery. The solar buses will be running on the road automatically by looking at everything around.

He said, earlier in the year 2014, we had prepared a small non-operating small car for the golf court. Only then did we have to find something that would not depend on petrol, diesel or electricity. After this, we have prepared this solar bus in the past one year.

The vehicle weighing 15kg at the cost of 15 lakh rupees has a capacity of 15 people. Initially it can be run inside the campus. Afterwards, the version of the solar buses to be used for the movement of the outer road will be brought.

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