Sohu said Japan suffered double humiliation due to Russia and the United States


    A material was published on the pages of the Chinese edition Sohu, which tells about two humiliations of Japan due to the actions of Russia and the United States, PolitRussia reports.

    As the authors of the article note, over the past week, Japan, which has recently been trying to enter the world political scene from behind the scenes, has taken two serious blows to its own vanity.

    “Japan has been humiliated twice,” writess the authors of the material.

    So, on the eve it became known about the holding of military exercises by the Russian side on the Kuril Islands Iturup, which Tokyo considers its territory. Moscow does not recognize Japan’s territorial claims.

    In addition, earlier information appeared in the media that the US military serving at the Futenma base in Okinawa prefecture dumped water with a high content of toxic substances into the sewers. Japan then only expressed “extreme regret.”

    According to Chinese observers, the United States does not respect Japan and does not take into account its interests, while Tokyo itself has provoked such an attitude towards itself.


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