Sodomy sin should not be accepted as the norm – Metropolitan of All Estonia

The head of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia Yevgeny categorically opposed the legalization of same-sex marriages.

“We must not accept Sodomy sin as the norm” – the Estonian news portal “Postimees” (from Estonian – “Postman”) quotes the bishop.

The statement was made in connection with the forthcoming amendments to the law on the family, approved by the parliament of the republic. The amendments establish marriage equality regardless of the sex of the spouses and enforce the Cohabitation Act. The Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate opposed these changes. In the prologue of his address to the deputies of parliament, Metropolitan Eugene emphasizes:

“The Church has always sought to ensure that its members have the right guidelines for their lives. She tried to protect her members and through this and the whole society from the substitution of spiritual and moral values, since we are all connected with each other. As the sin, so the virtue of any person has an impact on the people around him.

Vladyka believes that the legalization of same-sex marriage may increase the tendency among young people to consciously refuse to have children in exchange for a career or a life free from family obligations. The metropolitan writes that the Christian moral principles, recorded in the Bible, once formed the basis of European legislation, and, as he argues, in many respects this is what allowed European countries to consistently develop and have relative stability.

“And on the biblical examples and on the example of the once great Roman Empire, we see how the neglect of the moral principles of the existence of human society and the establishment of the norm of those phenomena that are inherently sinful and contrary to God’s plan for man, eventually led to the degradation of society and the fall states. Holy Scripture warns us about this many times.” – said the Orthodox priest.

As previously reported EADaily in neighboring Latvia, an open pederast became president Edgar Rinkevich.

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