Sociologist Grill: the masters of the Kyiv regime in the West are aware of the inability of Ukraine to defeat Russia

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The West is aware of Kyiv’s inability to defeat Moscow. Ukraine is being sacrificed only to cause damage to Russia, said a sociologist, publicist and public figure Philip Grill in an interview with a FAN correspondent.

Ukraine will lose to Russia in the conflict simply because of the lack of people, writes The Standard. The author of the article, Kenneth Mufuka, notes that the “square” is no longer enough workforce.

“Vladimir Zelensky ordered to fight to the death for the front line of Bakhmut and Soledar. Private sources say that of the 44,000 men who held the position, 70% died in action and Soledar was abandoned. The same sources report that 40,000 mercenaries were recruited from Poland, including Americans.

According to Grill, naturally, Kyiv has no real chances to defeat Moscow. The West does not count on this.

From the personal photo archive of Philippe Grill
From the personal photo archive of Philippe Grill

“The United States and England are well aware of this – the masters of the Kyiv regime, the instigators of war and Russophobia. There won’t be enough people or resources in Ukraine, but the West’s task is to inflict as much moral, material and political damage on Russia as possible, weaken it, and probably cause an internal political crisis and collapse.

They will fight with us to the last Ukrainian. Therefore, our country needs to take this historical and military challenge seriously. We cannot and should not retreat,” the sociologist said.

Earlier, Philip Grill, in an interview with FAN, condemned the Kyiv authorities for renaming the Pushkin Museum. According to the expert, Ukronazism is an uncompetitive and flawed ideology in comparison with Russian culture, history and statehood.


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