smuggler babu sindhi cuts cake with the rifle of inspector in dewas madhya pradesh video goes viral


    A video from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh is going viral. In this video, notorious criminal and smuggler Babu alias Jaygurudev is seen cutting cake with the rifle of an inspector on his birthday. The name of the inspector is being told as Nagendra Singh Thakur. Apart from this, many other police officers of Dewas district are also seen in the video. This video is being told of 20 June 2020, which has gone viral on social media yesterday. is being celebrated at the farmhouse
    It is being told that Babu Sindhi’s birthday is being celebrated at his farmhouse. Free Press Journal tweeted this video. At the same time, this video is also playing on a YouTube channel named Caught on Camera. According to this, the second police constable seen in the video is Pankaj Kumawat. Inspector Nagendra Singh and constable Pankaj are said to have been frozen in Neemuch City Police Station for a long time. Sources claim that both of them have a special closeness with Smuggler Babu. Both of them have never taken any action against Babu. It has also been told in the news that Inspector Thakur and Constable Pankaj are partners in Babu’s smuggling business.

    Police department is getting gritty
    The Central Narcotics Bureau team took action on Babu Sindhi on 26 August. Since then there was no trace of constable Pankaj. After this Dewas SP suspended the constable. Now after the video of policemen’s presence on Babu’s birthday surfaced, the police department is getting a lot of humiliation. Along with this, questions have also been raised on the working style of the policemen. Even before this, there have been reports of Babu Sindhi getting VIP treatment in Neemuch’s Kanawati Jail.


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