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Smartphones Galaxy S20 sold worse than other flagships of Samsung

Media writes that in the first two months of sales, the Galaxy S20 smartphones showed the worst start among Samsung’s flagship smartphones in the past few years. New items lag behind previous iterations several times.

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According to M Science, the first month, the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra were sold in the United States with a circulation of less than 200 thousand copies per week. After that, the indicators completely fell below 100 thousand units in the period.

For comparison: the Galaxy S10 in the first weeks left with a circulation of 400,000 units. And the previous new product, the Galaxy S9, even sold 500,000 smartphones a week. After the first month, each of the devices spent another six weeks in batches of 200,000 copies.

Analysts believe that the main reason for the 5G module. They are equipped with new items by default and at the same time raise the price tag. People do not want to overpay for technology, which today has nowhere to use. Also, the problem lies in the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the United States.

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