Slutsky that the composition of Rubin is considered strong: “Did we buy Mbappe? As Arshavin said, expectations are the problem of the one who is waiting, not ours” – Football

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Leonid Slutsky spoke about the performances of “Rubin” in MELBET-First League.

Kazan has 6 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses in 12 league matches. Today Rubin beat SKA from Khabarovsk (2:1).

– Many experts said that Rubin with such a squad would go through the tournament quite easily.

– With what kind?

– Everyone thinks that the composition is quite strong.

– Gritsaenko and Chuperka fought for survival in Kuban that year, Kosarev played in Volgar, several players flew out with Ufa. Did we buy Mbappe or who? This is a completely new team.

– Still, what do you associate these relative failures at the start with? Or is it something inside the team, or has the level of the first league grown?

– We now have all the players who played at the FNL level: Popov, Fameye, Zotov, Gorbunov, who did not play in Nizhny Novgorod, played only in the FNL. We did not take players who are of a fundamentally different level. These are the players who played in the FNL.

Many of our players both played at the FNL level and still play, they try. No team has a big advantage. Look, KAMAZ wins the first five rounds, then it cannot win six rounds in a row. The league is very even.

If you want to create the illusion of “galacticos”, then okay. But in fact, the league is even, and we are in the leading group in almost all attacking statistical metrics and continue to fight for leadership in the First League.

As Andrei Sergeevich Arshavin said, waiting for someone is the problem of the waiting person, and not our problem in this case. If everyone expected it to be like this, then we didn’t expect it, and we understood that this is a very difficult tournament, in which it is very difficult, where a lot is decided in the last minutes, where some nuances of the playing nature, refereeing, and so on decide a lot .

Once again I say that they can expect anything, but the point is that our expectations so far coincide with the realities. Moreover, the entire championship for any team will be very difficult.

When the last Volga team beats the first Alania team on the road, these are absolutely normal results for the FNL. It cannot be said that someone was hypersurprised. That is, this is a league where there are no sensations, – said the coach “Ruby”.

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