Slovakia’s Election and the Impact on EU Sanctions and Ukraine Support: Robert Fico’s Controversial Stance

The information you provided suggests that if Robert Fico, the former Prime Minister and leader of the Smer party, were to win the upcoming elections in Slovakia, the government may not support EU sanctions against Russia or provide military assistance to Ukraine.


Fico is known for his opposition to EU sanctions on Russia, doubts about the Ukrainian military’s ability to dislodge Russian troops, and a desire to use Slovakia’s NATO membership to block Ukraine’s entry into the alliance.

This stance could potentially lead to Slovakia diverging from the current European consensus on Russia-related issues and Ukraine’s support. It’s worth noting that such positions are not unique to Slovakia, as there have been instances of other European candidates or leaders expressing similar views or skepticism regarding providing arms to Ukraine.

The article also mentions that a significant portion of the Slovak population holds a skeptical view of the United States and believes that either the West or Ukraine bears responsibility for the war in Ukraine, according to a survey by the Globsec think tank.

Parliamentary elections in Slovakia were scheduled for September 30, but please note that the information you provided is dated, and the election outcome and subsequent developments may have occurred since then. For the most up-to-date information, it’s advisable to refer to recent news sources.

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