Slovakia to supply 100 megawatts to Ukraine as emergency aid


Power lines in Kiev - 1920, 02.11.2021

KIEV, 2 Nov – Ukraine has requested emergency assistance not only from the power system of Belarus, but also from Slovakia in the amount of 100 MW through the Burshtyn energy island, the press service of the operator of the united power grid of the state company Ukrenergo said.
Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus announced that it would supply 500 MW of electricity to Ukraine under the emergency assistance agreement, but there is no talk of new long-term contracts yet.
“We confirm the accident from the Republic of Belarus (Republic of Belarus – ed.) To the UPS (united power system – ed.) Of Ukraine 500 MW. We confirm the accident to BuOS (Burshtynsky energy island – ed.) From Slovakia,” – quotes the comment of the press service of the company agency UNIAN
It is noted that the need for emergency assistance arose due to the lack of power in the power system.
The company also noted that so far no disconnections of consumers – neither industrial nor household ones – are planned.


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