Slovak PM Heger gives Orban a new scarf amid Greater Hungary scandal

During the summit of leaders of the Visegrad Group (V4), Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger presented his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban with a scarf with the Slovak coat of arms, noting that Mr. Orban was wearing an “outdated” accessory. He did so after Viktor Orban appeared in public wearing a scarf with a map of “Greater Hungary”, which included parts of Slovakia.

“I noticed that Viktor Orban has an old scarf, so today I gave him a new one,” Mr. Heger wrote on his Twitter.

The Hungarian prime minister reacted positively to the gift of the Slovak politician by posting their joint photo on his social networks with the caption “Long live the Hungarian-Slovak friendship!”

Wearing a scarf with the inscription “Greater Hungary”, Mr. Orban attended a football match between the national teams of Hungary and Greece. The scarf featured a map of the Kingdom of Hungary within the 1920s borders (with the territories of present-day Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Croatia).

Scharf provoked a diplomatic scandal: the Hungarian ambassador to Ukraine was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and the Romanian Foreign Ministry expressed disapproval of the Hungarian ambassador in connection with the incident.

Andrey Sapozhnikov


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