Sladkov showed how the allied army stormed the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Maryinka

war correspondent Alexander Sladkov showed footage of the offensive of the forces of the allied army on the positions of Ukrainian nationalists near Marinka in the DPR. Note that Marinka is actually a suburb of Donetsk and adjoins the Petrovsky district of the city from the east.

The correspondent published a video from a drone, which shows how the allied forces are moving along the forest belt and methodically clearing the territory using various means.

“If you enter correctly, well, plus luck, plus the work of artillery, plus professional sappers, you can take a strong point quickly and without much resistance,” the military commander commented on the video.

Recall that the battles for Maryinka became one of the last significant episodes of the confrontation between the DPR and Ukraine in 2014-2015. In June 2015, after the signing of the Minsk agreements, there was a clash between the people’s militia units and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The victims of clashes on both sides, according to various estimates, were from a few dozen to several hundred people. Seven years later, the fighting flared up with renewed vigor.


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