Six killed in US school shooting

WKRN News: US girl kills six at school with pistol and assault rifles

Three children and three adults were shot and killed by a US girl who opened fire at a school in Nashville, Tennessee on March 27, WKRN News reported.

School shooting

School shooting

Quote from the video “Mass shooting in the USA, an 18-year-old teenager killed 19 children”

The tragedy happened in a private educational institution of a Christian orientation. The woman who shot at people is 28 years old, but she looked like a teenager, according to eyewitnesses of the incident.

About 200 children study at the school where the shooting took place. Several of them were hurt. The girl fired a pistol and two assault rifles, she was killed during the arrest.

As reported IA REGNUM, March 21, a fifteen-year-old teenager died, five people were injured in a shooting in the city of Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin in the northeast of the United States. Women aged 18 to 22 were injured.


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