Singer Shura said that he had been arguing with music critic Sergei Sosedov all his life

PR representative of Sergey Zhukov Alena Medzinovskaya
PR representative of Sergey Zhukov Alena Medzinovskaya

Singer shura visited the episode of the Secret for a Million program on NTV, dedicated to music criticism Sergei Sosedov. On the air, the artist spoke about their long conflict.

Representatives of Russian show business met at one of the shows of the first decade of the 19th century. Then Shura performed on stage, and Sosedov sat on the jury. The singer at that time sang to the soundtrack. The critic, however, noticed that something was wrong with the voice, and openly stated this. Sosedov did not comment on this incident at the time of release.

Live show Lera Kudryavtseva Shura noted that he had been arguing with a music expert all his life. However, over time I realized his professionalism. The artist stressed that Sosedov was the only critic.

During the filming of the Superstar show in 2007, Shura fell out of favor with a jury member because of a musical number. Then the singer responded to criticism with obscenities.


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