Singer Rotaru booed at a concert in Lviv and accused of treason to the Ukrainian people

Global Look Press |  Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look

Became aware of the unsuccessful performance Sofia Rotaru in Lvov in 1989. According to the performer herself, the locals were dissatisfied with the performer’s Russian-language repertoire. The event almost ended in a fight.

Rotaru noted that at that moment she was practically accused of treason. Many claimed that the artist “sold out” to Russia and forgot her native.

“A campaign was launched against me in the press and on television,” the well-known performer emphasized in the early 90s in an interview with Novy Vzglyad.

After this incident, she did not perform in Ukrainian cities for another three years. At the same time, Rotaru herself claimed that she was ready to perform in front of everyone who likes her music. Nationality doesn’t matter to her.

After the start of the NWO, the woman rarely appears in public and does not make political statements. Many other performers began to abandon Russia. So, the soloist of the group Bi-2 Leva previously announced that he would not return and insulted the inhabitants of the country.


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