Singer Leonid Agutin responded to accusations of performing songs for Anzhelika Varum

Global Look Press |  Photoagency Interpress/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Photoagency Interpress/Russian Look

Leonid Agutin commented on the accusations against him regarding the fact that he sings instead of his wife Angelica Varum.

A few days ago, bloggers, using special programs, lowered the voice of the artist, and suddenly they heard the voice of Agutin. Using the data obtained, they concluded that Leonid sings in a duet for both spouses, and his wife only enjoys his fame.

According to the artist, their voices and his wife can really be similar, because they have been working in a team for many years. He also said that Angelica sang the song “Everything is in your hands” according to his submission.

Leonid Agutin also said that many colleagues from the world of show business can confirm the talent of his wife.

Earlier, Leonid Agutin spoke about the new young man of his daughter.


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