Singer Hannah was forced to stop breastfeeding her newborn daughter

prt scr |  FAMETIME TV
prt scr | FAMETIME TV

Singer Hanna gave birth to her second child less than a month ago. After two weeks, she had to stop breastfeeding her daughter due to some problems.

On her social media, Hanna admitted that the newborn baby did not have enough milk, which caused sleep problems. Doctors advised celebrities to switch to special mixtures, after which their daughter’s condition improved markedly.

“It’s not perfect and I wish it could be better, but I feel great! I work on myself every day, both physically and mentally, ”Shared Hannah.

The singer admitted that she had already set up a lot of plans. Upon arrival in Moscow, she intends to visit a beautician and resume regular trips to the gym.

Previously, Hannah showed fans how her four-year-old daughter met her newborn sister. The girl kissed the baby, after which she stated that she also wanted a baby.


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