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The artist was 68 years old. On the death of Moiseev informed his art director, no reason given.

Boris Mikhailovich Moiseev was born in 1954 in Mogilev, Belorussian USSR, in a women’s penal colony. His mother was a political prisoner, and his father is not officially known.

Initially, Moiseev was a dancer – he graduated from the Minsk Choreographic School, studied with the ballerina Nina Mlodzinskaya. At first he worked in Kharkov, starting as a dancer and later becoming a choreographer. Later he left for the Lithuanian city of Kuanas, where he became the chief choreographer of the Trimitsas Lithuanian orchestra.

In 1978 he created the Expression dance trio, thanks to which he met Alla Pugacheva and worked with her for a long time. Later, the trio, already solo, performed in Amperica and Europe, and Moiseev participated in a joint performance with the group Boney M.

In the 1990s, Boris Moiseev began performing more as a singer than as a dancer. And in 2006 he received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

In 2010, the artist suffered a stroke, due to which the left half of his body was paralyzed. But by the spring of 2022, he was able to partially rehabilitate himself and even sang on the New Wave in July of that year, but he could not fully recover. In the spring of 2015, Moiseev’s condition worsened, which is why he completely stopped performing at concerts. However, up until 2019, he managed to record several new songs.

According to the art director of the honored artist, there is no information about the farewell ceremony and funeral yet.

Photo: Igor Supronyonok / Lori Photo Bank

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