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Singer Ani Lorak spoke for the first time about her attitude to SVO


Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak broke the silence and spoke about her attitude to the NWO

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak broke the silence and commented on the events in Russia and Ukraine. The statement of the artist appeared on the page in the social network.

Singer Ani Lorak

Singer Ani Lorak

© Kirill Kallinikov/RIA Novosti

The singer made a statement after the Krasnodar authorities called “inevitable” cancellation of her scheduled performance.

According to her, various media replicate fake accusations and slander. The singer said that she was proud of her native country, but in 2014 “some politicians in Ukraine wanted to use” her “for your own purposes”. Lorak said that she was presented with an ultimatum: “Either you play our game, do what we tell you, or you won’t sing in this country”. This moment pushed her to move to Russia, the singer specified.

Regarding the hostilities, Ani Lorak stated that she does not support “no form of violence” and “nnever provided military assistance”.

As reported IA REGNUM, in March 2022, in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, where Ani Lorak was born, local authorities dismantled her name star on Theater Square. In October, Kyiv imposed sanctions against her. After the beginning of the special operation, Lorak remained in Russia and until that day did not speak out about the events in Ukraine.

Mayor of Krasnodar Evgeny Naumov announced on March 25 that the planned concert of the singer Ani Lorak in the city would be cancelled. He stressed that neither actors nor entrepreneurs who are against the special operation to protect Donbass will earn money in Krasnodar, since there are no guarantees that this money will not be used to support the enemy army.


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