Since 2014, Donbass militias can receive benefits on a par with the Russian military

At a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the mothers of servicemen participating in a special military operation, one of the topics was benefits for residents of Donbass.

The head of state said that he had already discussed this issue with the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu and vice premier Tatyana Golikova and did not rule out that the benefits of the Russian military could be extended to the Donbass militias from 2014.

As Putin recalled, a law has already been passed, according to which all Russian benefits are extended to residents of Lugansk, Donetsk and two other territories included in the Russian Federation.

“Can this be distributed, as they say, retroactively, starting in 2014? Where there are one or two lawyers, there are at least three or four opinions, but we will work on this and create some kind of system of appropriate benefits,” Putin promised.

It should be noted that the volunteers who took part in the SVO will receive the status of a combat veteran along with the military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces. At the end of October, the government supported the relevant bill. As a result, the volunteers themselves and their families will be entitled to benefits and social support measures. Earlier, on June 22, 2022, the State Duma adopted a law according to which the participants in the special operation in Ukraine received the status of combat veterans. Also, border guards and civilian personnel participating in the NWO will be considered veterans, and now those who have signed up as a volunteer. In turn, wounded volunteers will be able to claim the status of a combat invalid.

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