Siloviki made claims against 12 deputies of the Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly

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Declaration Campaign

The prosecutor’s office had complaints about the income declarations of three vice-speakers and nine deputies of the legislature of the Chelyabinsk region. This information was reported on May 24 by a URA.RU source and confirmed to the press service of the ZSO.

“According to the prosecutor’s submission, inaccuracies in the declarations for 2021 were made by Andrey Vazhenin, Vladimir Vladimirsky, Alexander Dolgushin, Vyacheslav Evstigneev, Anatoly Eremin, Dmitry Meshkov, Mikhail Pokhlebaev, Dmitry Pyrsikov, Denis Sazontov, Konstantin Strukov, Leonid Urmashov and Pavel Shilyaev. Eremin, Kiselev and Strukov hold the posts of deputy chairman of the ZSO, ”said the insider.

According to him, at tomorrow’s session, the remaining 48 deputies will vote for issuing a warning to colleagues. It was decided not to take any other action.

“Inaccuracies were small and made unintentionally. Besides, everything happened for the first time. Otherwise, we would have been talking about more stringent measures, ”the press service of the Legislative Assembly emphasized URA.RU.


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