Silent braking and phishing sites. Fraudsters have come up with new ways to auto-substitute

March 10, 2023, 04:21

“Izvestia”: scammers have come up with new ways to auto-substitute on Russian roads

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Fraudsters have come up with new schemes for auto-setting on Russian roads. Attackers combine social engineering and IT technologies. But there are ways to protect yourself from them, they said. “News”.

In 2023, a new scheme appeared in the arsenal of auto-substituters – a reception with imperceptible braking. The fraudster does not use the pedal for braking, but the parking brake, when turned on, the brake lights do not light up. The driver does not have time to react and crashes into an expensive foreign car of auto-substituters who demand compensation for damage without calling the traffic police.

The second way of deception is phishing websites of toll road operators. Most often it is used during the holidays. This type of fraud turned out to be more profitable than car theft.

The third new scheme was called the “triangle”. It has to do with car sales. The swindler in this case plays the role of a “gasket” between the buyer and the seller. When receiving money, the swindler hides.

Experts advise installing a DVR in the car and registering an accident with the participation of traffic police officers.


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