Shukshina ironically “regretted” Pugacheva because of her foreign agent husband Galkin

Global Look Press |  Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look

Showman Maxim Galkin was previously recognized as an individual acting as a foreign agent in Russia. Actress Maria Shukshina expressed her opinion on the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

First of all, the celebrity sympathized with Galkin’s wife, Alla Pugacheva. According to her, the Primadonna was simply unlucky with her husbands – either Philip Kirkorov got into a scandal because of his performance on the cross, then Maxim Galkin, recognized as a foreign agent.

“Oh, Alla Borisovna has a mess with her husbands: either a “firebird on the cross”, or a foreign agent. Poor woman, ”Shukshina wrote in the Telegram channel.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Galkin received funding for political activities. All funds were transferred to him from the territory of Ukraine.

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