Home News Showman Maxim Galkin ridiculed a fan late for his Israeli concert

Showman Maxim Galkin ridiculed a fan late for his Israeli concert

Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press
Anatoly Lomokhov/Global Look Press

Showman and TV presenter Maxim Galkin, who left for Israel, continues to master the local show business. During one of the concerts, which took place in Tel Aviv, the husband of the singer Alla Pugacheva ridiculed a fan who was late for his performance.

Galkin and Pugacheva have been absent from Russia for four months now. In Israel, where the star spouses moved with their children Lisa and Harry, Galkin began to re-perform in cities where he had already given concerts. The showman generously shares footage from his performances on social networks. On one of these videos, you can see how Galkin makes fun of a fan.

“But how to ask in Hebrew: “He will also replant the rest of the rows?” Is it you who came? God bless you. It didn’t start because of you. All these people who were sitting in this row – they just kept a place for you, ”Galkin joked, watching one of the guests squeeze into his seat.

Earlier, journalist Ilya Sagliani spoke about the persecution that Pugacheva, who had left Russia, was subjected to. According to him, the cause of what is happening is none other than her husband.



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